Eve's Art Works loves gardens and ponds! We specialize in designing lush woodland spaces decorated with whimsical elements that create mystery and generate a peaceful outdoor space to induce relaxation.
In the interest of cost and the environment, we search for as many reclaimed materials as possible. All of the ponds and garden structures shown have been created using reclaimed stone, rejected pavers and found wood.
Pond & Garden
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eves_art_works008036.jpg eves_art_works008034.jpg eves_art_works008033.jpg eves_art_works008031.jpg eves_art_works008030.jpg eves_art_works008028.jpg eves_art_works008027.jpg eves_art_works008025.jpg eves_art_works008024.jpg eves_art_works008022.jpg eves_art_works008021.jpg eves_art_works008019.jpg eves_art_works008018.jpg eves_art_works008016.jpg eves_art_works008015.jpg eves_art_works008013.jpg eves_art_works008012.jpg eves_art_works008010.jpg eves_art_works008009.jpg eves_art_works008007.jpg eves_art_works008006.jpg eves_art_works008004.jpg eves_art_works008003.jpg eves_art_works008001.jpg